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The Establishment of America

The Establishment of America By Brian Mast The establishment of America, its maintenance, safety, opportunities, and the protection of our citizens is not a product of chance or indifference. Our country comes at a price that blessed heroes have always paid. For ...
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Sheriff Clarke Speaks Out

The Three Big Lies of Criminal Justice Reform By Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Milwaukee County So-called “criminal justice reform” is the latest attempt by the political left to weaken our country’s legal and justice system, and is utterly destructive to the ...
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Cover Story

Exclusive and Uncensored Interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro By NJ Blue Now Editors Daniel Del Valle, John Welsh, George Beck, Julia Torres and Joe Uliano NJ Blue Now: Judge, we always try to humanize our interviewees, so can you tell us a little ...
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Ask Tanto NJ Blue Now: What is the most important issue law enforcement is facing today? Tanto: The most important issue is the lack of support our Federal Government and the Administration give law enforcement officers. Officers are literally “handcuffed”--whether confronting criminals ...
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Out Front

The Twenty-Eight Pages That Could Destroy the House of Saud By Bernard Kerik - If Americans believed that the government of Saudi Arabia was behind the terror attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, then the recent threat by Saudi ...
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Social Media Update

  Don’t Let the Trolls Get You Down By Capt. Stephen Jones Let’s say your agency is in a serious and committed relationship with social media. Your Facebook account is growing and the majority of your followers are true fans. You’re solving crimes ...
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