An Inside Look


The PolitiChicks
By Debra Ann Faretra, M.A.

The PolitiChicks are three lovely and patriotic family women—Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany, and Sonya Sasser—on a mission. Collaboratively, they stand up to the hypocrites that plague our nation with their contorted political views. They fight Hollywood’s elite, liberal media, and left wing extremists who are attempting to bully conservatives into silence. Their efforts are soaring with many national media outlets taking notice. By addressing the nation through their conservative values, morals, and ethics that are reflected in their writing and outreach, they are hopeful this will change the lives of future generations of Americans. Their new book “PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism” is a writing masterpiece that is comprised of various opinions of respectful conservative activists and politicians, who have collectively come together, as a show of force to be reckoned with. 

The causes that PolitiChicks collectively represent are our military veteran’s welfare, ObamaCare repeal, the elimination of Common Core, gun rights, and prolife, while also speaking out against radical Islamic ideology. They are passionate about assisting military veterans and first responders by contributing to fundraisers that truly make a difference. In this interview, you will hear from three patriotic and fiery women, who speak their minds, call it as they see it, and stand up against those seeking to silence their freedom of speech, and conservative views. 

The PolitiChicks are led by Morgan Brittany, a renowned Hollywood Diva best known for her roles in the ABC Series “Dallas” and “The Love Boat”. Brittany’s leadership involves tons of film and stage experience, playing various characters in different movies since she was five years old. Along with Brittany is PolitiChicks creator and CEO, Ann-Marie Murrell, a former actress, once a Democrat, and now a Conservative Republican. As an actress in the 80s, she appeared on the daytime soap “The Young and the Restless,” television series “Sledgehammer,” and HBO Films “Sunset Strip”. She is the proud daughter of a United States Naval Officer (Ret.), and not short on words by any stretch. The spokesperson and third writer is Sonya Sasser, who is born from a family of first responders.

The PolitiChicks formed by Murrell was “negatively impacted by the disastrous outcome by the Obama Administration.” This led to Andrew Breitbart to influence her to attend political events, unite people for a great cause, and make a difference. Murrell tells how the audience she wants to reach are those malcontented with their representation by their affiliated political party. By way of example, she spoke of the Democrats and their role in the outbreak of rioting during the Obama Administration. As Murrell claims, “The Democrats falsely portrayed themselves innocent and morally constructed, when in fact they systemically incited violence, rioting, and socially defiant behavior.” Her hope is that those blindly supporting politicians because of a false sense of party loyalty will stretch their thinking and form their own opinions, irrespective of the group’s thoughts. She is currently finding ways to bring unity to our country through intellectual debates, not hatred.

Murrell has a strong message to Hollywood’s McCarthyism: “Shut up!”

Instead of being offended by the slang word “pussy” utilized by men in a private setting, they should be more offended by wearing “vaginas on their heads,” shamelessly, which is more of an embarrassment to women. Murrell goes on to expose “how those in the entertainment industry have endorsed violence in the law enforcement community by openly contributing to Black Lives Matter,” and how she believes the current goal of many Hollywood entertainers is to have the President impeached or for the more extremist, “assassinated”. 

Sasser’s activism, spirit, and desire to unite her voice with others that shared her beliefs led her to become involved in politics. She tells how she wanted to make a difference and be a role model to encourage others to speak out and advocate for the topics that they’re passionate about. Direct and passionate, Sasser spoke about how women were misled by liberals, specifically Hillary Clinton after the election. She believes Clinton and Obama are the masterminds behind the anti-Trump marches, riots, and anger exhibited by protesters. 

When asked if liberal mental health professionals plastered a diagnosis on Trump, she replied “They attempt to marginalize and discredit him, because they don’t truly understand his out of the box and politically incorrect stance. The mental?health practitioners mislabel his behaviors, because they aren’t able to relate to all people equally and effectively.”

Sasser goes on to tell how building a foundation and legacy for conservative children to grow from rather than be influenced by the boisterous and dominating approaches of the left are efforts worth making. The left leaves behind footprints, because they lack any boundaries to respect others and create such havoc to be the center of attention, which ultimately can influence others to think they are the stronger party, Sasser implied. Sasser believes when the conservatives fight back it circumvents the lefts agendas. 

Morgan’s message to Hollywood, is just as blunt as Murrells: “Be quiet!” In a passionate discussion, Morgan says “Hollywood should respect all audiences and collect the facts before speaking to the world and erroneously misinforming them. Hollywood doesn’t emulate the good people anymore.” They are using their celebrity platform to indoctrinate hatred into people. Entertainers are responsible to make people feel better about themselves not placate one side and not abandon the other side of their audience.

The problem herein lies with, Hollywood and the music entertainment industry sending subliminal messages of hate about cops to society, which inadvertently gets cops killed. “First responders need to be rebranded and respected through Hollywood’s depiction of them as heroic members of society, not villains.”

We at NJ Blue Now thank the Politi-Chicks for their strong support of our law enforcement and military professionals. If you’d like to meet the PolitiChicks, they will be in the New York area for a book signing during mid April 2017. Check out their website @ for more details. 

Debra Ann Faretra, M.A., is a Mental Health Educational Consultant for law enforcement. She has a masters in Police Graduate Studies from Seton Hall University. She attended Caldwell University for two years as a graduate in Clinical Counseling Psychology Studies and is completing a second master’s degree at Seton Hall University in Psychological Studies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She currently works in Essex County, New Jersey.